Sisilia Akello-Okelo

I guess this training is one of the most valuables experiences I had the chance to experience in my life. And it is not only valuable for me but also for my environment and the people I interact with every day. If I had to pin point it to certain words I would say the training it is about finding your inner balance in order to life the life you want to create for yourself. Coming from: being a person not able to make a connection to my inner self- to now…Its still incredible for me  how three month can change so much.

Three months ago, when starting off the training I didn’t know where this experience would take me. I was curious to do try the training not having a clue on where it would lead me to. In such a short time of three month, so many things changed for me. The way I experience myself, the way I understand myself  and the way I am in getting into alignment with my inner emotions. More and more I feel the power to create my own life. More and more I pick up signs which show me my right way. More and more I trust myself.

I understand the training as a starting point, of a process of growth. The perfect setting to reflect upon yourself, reflect your experiences and about your emotions. It is a tool to help you help yourself.

So there are many things I am already taking out of this training but I think the most important thing I can take for me is that I know that change is possible. People can change their believes,their perception of life and get connected to their inner being.  I know that because I am getting there . The power to create your own life the way you want it to be needs tools, some guidance, continuous exercises , and a save space. All things we had the last three months.

Therefore I am very grateful for the chance of taking part in this training. For all the ways I experienced myself, for all the input I got, all the things I learned and how I learned to integrate them in my life. I guess the rest is on me now. 

As the training works with me I know it also does with people in my environment and the young people I am working with if only they want to. And  I see how I can use the experiences made in this training too. It starts of with being  a role model and be inspiring by the way I shape my life. Then, it takes me to put out the tools and exercises we learned here during the last months. And last but not least; open arms and ears for those who reach out, willing to shift their life in the direction they want it to go. People only need to be open for it. Their inner strength will handle the rest.

Bel mij voor een kennismakingsgesprek